Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

Since Mother’s Day is less than 1 month away, (That’s right! Very little time left before May 8th!) I’d like to interrupt our Blog Series to write a blog dedicated to Mothers, Mother’s Day, and to all children who are at a loss for ideas for Mother’s Day.

For any holiday where the media pushes gift-giving down our throats, I’d like to remind everyone to not feel overwhelmed trying to buy the perfect present or feeling like they NEED to spend a lot of money. A gift does not have to be expensive (or cost anything!) to be meaningful and heartfelt. But I know everyone likes to be able to spoil their mothers, grandmothers, and wives with something special; so I’d like to help making shopping for them a little easier this year.

Jewelry. Every woman has some. Most women would enjoy more. It’s that simple. Now the trick is to buy something that is within your budget, while still being a quality piece of jewelry. I would suggest you use your new-found knowledge from the last blog, Series 1.4, and buy some beautiful, Freshwater pearls. There are so many options for styles and prices, that you’re sure to find something perfectly suited for that special someone.

A full set of Freshwater Pearls, like this one, is a great choice for someone new to pearls! has a great selection of companies that sell Freshwater pearl jewelry. Pearlzzz brand on Amazon has one of the largest selections for Freshwater pearl jewelry, and at really affordable prices. Freshwater pearl bracelets start under $20!! I also really like the new line of pearl jewelry from Macy’s called, Belle de Mer. It has mainly traditional and classic styles of white pearl jewelry, and like most stuff from Macy’s, they’re gorgeous! And it comes in a really cute little box with a leather-like pouch to store the pearls in. If you’re looking to spend a little more, I’d go for one of the Tahitian necklaces that Pearlzzz sells on Amazon.

24" Tahitian Baroque Necklace by Pearlzzz

We haven’t discussed what to look for in Tahitian pearls yet, but Pearlzzz has a 30-day, no questions asked, return policy – so what do you have to lose? My favorite is the 24″ Baroque Tahitian strand.The long length looks exotic and makes it great to wear with dressy or casual styles.

Pearls look great all the time so you can’t beat the accessory that goes with everything!!


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