Graduations, Weddings, and Still Time for Mother’s Day!


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, that means that all those graduations and weddings are just around the corner too. Since Pearlzzz on Amazon MarketPlace still has some great specials going on for Mother’s Day, I’d take advantage of those and buy for my graduation and wedding presents also. Right now, through the 31st of May, 2 different box sets are buy 1 get another one for just $1! Wow!

That means I can get one for my Mom, and then get another in whatever color of pearls I want for myself, practically FREE!  All you have to do is put 2 qualifying box sets (sets must both be gold or silver) in your cart and upon checkout it will automatically discount you so the total is $1 more for the additional box set.

7-8mm White Freshwater Pearl Set in Sterling Silver - 18" Necklace, 7.5" Bracelet, 7-8mm Button Stud Earrings

Here are the qualifying box sets!

Sterling Silver Sets
QSET-10037-AM (white)
QSET-10037K-AM (black)
QSET-10037P-AM (pink)
QSET-10037CH-AM (chocolate)


7-8mm Chocolate Freshwater Pearl Set- 18" Necklace, 7.5" Bracelet, 7-8mm Stud Button Earrings





14K Yellow Gold Sets
SET-28Y-AM (white)
SET-28YK-AM (black)
SET-28YP-AM (pink)
SET-28YCH-AM (chocolate)  

And since you might have some young men in your life that you need a gift for a wedding or graduation, also offers two exclusive jewelry lines that have many pieces that are specifically geared for men -  Semantica and Rosso Amante. These stainless steel pieces are sleek and bold with a wide variety of interesting designs that vary from traditional looking styles to unique, artistic pieces; there’s something perfectly suited for everyone.

ROSSO AMANTE - Stainless Steel Bracelet with Rose Steel Accents
SEMANTICA – Stainless Steel Throwing Star Pendant
SEMANTICA – Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel Pendant
With so many options to choose from, or Pearlzzz on Amazon MarketPlace is sure to be the place for you to find the perfect gift. Or something nice for yourself!
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