Smart Phone: Smarter Shopper?

These days, everything is becoming so technologically integrated that it looks as if your business won’t stand a chance unless you jump on the technology band wagon too.  According to a Wall Street Journal article (link here), shopping via smart phone has increase ten-fold in the past year. Not only is it already easy to purchase online via smart phone, there are also many phone apps, like “Red Laser” and “Barcode Scanner” that allow shoppers to use their phones to compare prices with other retailers.

It seems that if any business really wants to be at the top of their game, they need to make quick advances to add mobile technology to their business/website. Many smart phone users will not even bother using websites that aren’t mobile compatible because they’re slow, difficult to read, and too large to properly see well on a mobile device. This puts websites with mobile sites at a strong advantage. And as more and more people get smart phones, the shopping wave of the future will undoubtedly be via phone.

Gartner, a company specializing in “technology research and business leader insight,” predicted in 2010, that by 2013 smart phones could surpass computers as people’s primary source to search the internet. With these drastic rises in mobile technology, it only makes sense that online businesses that don’t offer mobile sites will suffer to those that do.

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